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At Kercher Engineering, quality means combining the latest technology with solid engineering methods to complete a safe, cost-effective project that meets the client’s needs and timeframe. Kercher’s project managers, engineers, surveyors and inspectors work as a team to maintain a high level of quality on all projects. As a multidisciplinary engineering firm that serves both the private and municipal sectors, Kercher is in the unique position of being small enough to respond quickly with personalized service for every client, while at the same time having sufficient staff resources to tackle the largest, most complex engineering challenges.

Infrastructure Asset Management Services

Civil Engineering Services

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As agency budgets are cut, effectively managing your infrastructure assets is more important than ever. Infrastructure failure has a direct impact on your budget, your labor costs and your community’s satisfaction level. Infrastructure Asset Management allows you to save money by systematically selecting the right repair at the right time at the right location in order to minimize the life-cycle costs of your assets. Properly implemented maintenance management systems improve labor and equipment efficiency resulting in significant cost savings.
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The unique aspect of engineering is that virtually every project poses a new challenge in some way and requires a different, well-researched solution. Whether a client needs a roadway design, GIS implementation, site development design, or a complex environmental permitting effort, KEI meets the challenge. KEI’s staff researches the issues, identifies potential problem areas, reviews alternatives, and develops a comprehensive, well-documented, and supportable design solution that meets its client's needs.